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What if someone told you about a Practice Builder that…
  • Involves No Selling
  • Costs Little (or nothing) To Implement
  • Enhances Patient Loyalty
  • Encourages Referrals
  • Attracts New Patients
  • Builds Team Camaraderie
  • Positions you as a coveted Media Source
  • Leverages Your Giving

and most important…
Permits you to do even more good for your chosen cause.


Cause Marketing is GREAT for Attracting New Patients!

50% of consumers would actually be willing to pay more for goods and services if a company implemented programs to give back to society.*
85% have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause.**
80% are likely to switch brands similar in price and quality, to one that supports a cause, and 85% for millennials.**

*, “Bringing Cause Marketing Forward”, Todd Wilson, Nov. 10, 2014.
** Source: HuB Institute,, Feb 2014


Benefits Received from Partnering with a Non-profit Organization


Grows Customer Loyalty

Reduced Turnover

79% of employees indicate when their company works with a non profit cause they feel “a strong sense of loyalty to my company.”***.

Attracts Employees

Increased Job Satisfaction

80% of employees report that their company’s commitment to addressing social/environmental issues is one of the reasons they chose to work there.***

Provides Opportunities

Increased Employee Engagement

77% of employees state “It’s important for my company to provide employees with opportunities to become involved in causes.”***

*** 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study


Practice Testimonials

“Each year I have participated (five and counting), I’ve had a terrific time, and great sense of gratification. Following the Mt. Hood trip, my local newspaper ran a five page article on the Event I plan to participate as much as possible, as I can think of no better way to ‘give back.’”

Grant Ritchey Tonganoxie, KS

“My participation in DCFAC 1998 helped established my “brand” as the “mountain climbing doctor.” 8 years later, I still get calls making reference to the articles and TV placements.”

Mark Connelly St. Johns, MI

“I used my involvement in DCFAC as a way to communicate with current and prospective patients, as well as my local community at large.

Prior to my departure to climb Mt.Whitney, we had a send-off party at the club down the street from my office that was attended by more than 100 people. As a result of this Event and other support, we raised over $11,000, more than any other DCFAC practice.

I know of no better way to connect ones practice with its community than by employing Event marketing.”

Frank Wolf DDS (retired) Cave Creek, AZ

Services Include:


Press Releases – Media Liaison – In Office Display Material
Pledge Forms & Help w/Online Promotions – Assistance With Creative Development


Opportunities for You and Your Practice to…
…Do Well While Doing Good.


We are a non-profit Foundation that combines the breathtaking beauty of the mountains with the desire to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. Since 1998, Climb for a Cause and Smile Tree have helped improve the lives of countless needy children and deserving adults throughout the world. So join the fun and make a difference because, success in life truly is Doing Well While Doing Good. Learn more >>
The Smile Tree’s mission is to ensure delivery of critically needed oral health care and education to children in the remotest regions of Guatemala, Nepal, India and soon more countries — while providing participating practices fun and rewarding ways to grow through commu­nity outreach and cause-related marketing and branding. Learn more >>


Ask us about these and other great ways
to support your Cause and Grow Your Practice!


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