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Catalogue of Collectibles

Introducing, straight from The SmileTree and Climb For A Cause, authentic gifts and memorabilia to share with your best supporters!

The Collections Catalogue offers a number of terrific ways to reward your Supporters, and encourage even more support, by:

  • Purchasing SmileTree items from around the globe to display in your office
  • Raffle off an item as a way to raise funds and grow your SmileTree Branch Office
  • Have a few items on hand to give to an extra special patient while teaching them about the treatment projects you help support

See our Collection below and visit back often as we regularly update our Offering.

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Items from Nepal

9 Singing Bowls
1 Purple and Gold Elephant Tapestry or Table Cloth
1 Purple and Gold Dancer Tapestry or Table Cloth
4 Knives
1 Kelly Green Pashmina Scarf
1 Lime Green Pashmina Scarf
1 Light Green Pashmina Scarf
1 Camel Colored Pashmina Scarf
1 Grey Pashmina Scarf
1 Small Brown Pashmina Scarf
1 Red Paisley Scarf
1 Maroon Paisley Scarf
1 Navy Blue Embroidered Scarf


Items from Guatemala

1 Brown Knitted Scarf
2 Large Table Runners
6 Small Table Runners
3 Guatemalan Purses


Items from Vietnam

1 Orange and Maroon Table Runner
1 Red, White and Black Wall Hanging
4 Calligraphy Drawings, Black and White (Various Designs)
10 Fish Purses
1 Purse, Bicycling Women
10 Color Calligraphy Paintings (Various Designs)
9 marble Statues
Lip Balms
2 Sets of 4 Green Placemats


Climbing Gear

5 Yosemite Half Dome Hiking Books
8 Climb For A Cause Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts (M)
5 Climb For A Cause Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts (L)
2 Climb For A Cause Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts (XL)
1 Climb For A Cause Vest (S) [ NO IMAGE ]

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