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What does my office get when joining?

As a Branch Office you receive an array of tools for sharing your good works with current patients, and the community at large. Some of these include:

  • In-Office Display Materials (Posters, Lapel Buttons, Floss Cards, and more) to share that yours is a Branch Office of the Smile Tree
  • Press Releases to local media notifying them, and the community they serve, of your status as a Branch Office.
  • Your own Fund Raising Page, linked from your home page, to drive traffic to your practice site
  • Periodic Communications (letters, photos and drawings) from those you’ve touched through your involvement, to let you, your team, your patients and others get excited about your participation.
How does a practice adopt a clinic?

A Practice adopts one or more clinics by becoming a “branch offices.” It only takes 5 minutes!

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Are there other ways to get involved?

Involvement can be as simple as adopting a clinic, joining a breathtaking Climb for a Cause annual event or volunteering for a clinic in Guatemala, Nepal, India or Vietnam. Over 100 dental professionals volunteer each year for these overseas clinics – and those who do come back having received far more than they gave. To learn more about Climb for a Cause or Volunteering at a clinic, Click Here.

Where are the clinics the Smile Tree serves?
# Dental Volunteers / Children Treated / Estimated Care Value*
Guatemala, Patzun (Summer1)

6 Chairs / 400-450 / $100k-$150k

Guatemala, Patzun (Summer2)

6 Chairs / 400-450 / $100k-$150k

Guatemala, Patzun (Fall)

6 Chairs / 400-450 / $100k-$150k

Nepal, Kathmandu (Spring)

6 Chairs / 900-1000 / $120k-$180k

Nepal, Kathmandu (Fall)

6 Chairs / 900-1000 / $120k-$180k

Nepal, Bandipur (Fall)

3 Chairs / 200-300 / $50k-$75K

India, Ladakh

6 Chairs / 500-600 / $100-$150K

India, Ladakh

6 Chairs / 500-600 / $100-$150K

*U.S. Dollar Equivalent

How do I grow the SmileTree?

There are a number of fun and simple ways to grow your Smile Tree. Examples include:

  • Offer your patients the option of helping grow the Smile Tree by “adding a dollar to today’s treatment” and offering to match it.
  • You can also include a note on your monthly billing statements thanking your patients for growing the Smile Tree and inviting them to learn more by visiting your website (from which a link to your fundraising page resides). As people donate through your office, you add their name to your page.
  • Have A Party! This is a snap with all the support your receive, courtesy of AIM Dental Marketing.
What Does it Take to Adopt a Clinic?

All it takes is $75 per month per clinic. For that amount over 250 children will have their lives changed through receiving critical oral health services that they would not otherwise receive. You may adopt one clinic, or more than one clinic. In return, you’ll receive thank you’s from the children, materials to use in your office to share with patients that you are a part of the Smile Tree – and the good feeling that comes from being a part of something that ends suffering and provides hope.Plus, with the ongoing support for Smile Tree Branch Offices courtesy of AIM Dental Marketing, you’ll be amazed how easy and rewarding adopting a clinic is.

How Long Is The Commitment?

Because we do incur costs and expend a good deal of effort in setting up your practice to benefit from its status as a Branch Office, we ask practices to agree to a one year term. Of course, we hope you will remain on board far longer than that, and we do guarantee your experience will be a pleasant one but, if you should choose to cancel your support, we ask that you give us a minimum of thirty days advance notice.

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